Project 4

Scott Gladd, MFA
5 min readNov 4, 2023

Let’s make one mean zine!

WHAT IS A ZINE? (Pronounced ‘ZEEN’)

Good question…tricky answer.

A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches. Zines are created and bound in many DIY ways, but traditionally editions are easily reproduced — often by crafting an original “master flat,” and then photocopying, folding, and stapling the pages into simple pamphlets. Zines may also be sewn, taped, glued — or even exist in unbound and other non-folio formats. The main rule is that there are no rules!

​People who create zines [“zinesters”] are likely to be more motivated by self-expression and artistic passion than they are by profit: zines are usually inexpensive and sometimes distributed for free or in trade for other zines, goods, and services. The history of zines is vast and fascinating: read more about it here.

​Zines can touch on a variety of topics from music and art, to politics, sexuality, humor and personal memoir. Their content may be written, drawn, printed, collaged, or any other form of combining words and imagery — a zine’s structure may be narrative, journalistic, comic-like, or completely abstract.


Culturally and historically, zines have served as a powerful outlet for content considered to be too niche, risqué, or outside of the mainstream, in terms of more traditional/commercial forms of publication. A zine can be produced with the simplest of tools, and easily distributed low-to-the ground, outside capitalistic or potentially oppressive systems: amongst friends; in local gathering places or homes; at fests designed to celebrate them!

Zines provide a safe, independent platform of expression for underrepresented and marginalized voices: Black, Indigenous & People of Color, young people, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ(+) community, persecuted religious groups, and people with limited economic resources.


For our final project, you will be creating a small zine exploring the history of Lorem Ipsum as it pertains to body copy layout.

You will be provided a Word document that has all of the body copy you will need for this project. In addition, I will also provide you with sample images that must be included.

The zine will include five primary elements:

1. The title: You will create your own unique title, subtitle, and your name as the author. For example:

lorYUM ipsYUM: A yummy history of type
by Scott Gladd

2. Provided images: as is, or you may modify them any way you see fit to facilitate the aesthetic you are going with.

3. Provided body copy and pull quotes: All copy must be used. Format/layout will be up to you. You may add your own commentary. Be funny, irreverent, loud, etc. Is your tone educational or conversational?

4. A minimum of 5 pages and maximum of 10 pages.

5. A colophon of your typography choices: Information to include:
Designer Name
Date of Publication
(if any) Specific Paper
Fonts Used, their Designer, and their Point Sizes

Since you will only be creating a one-off version of your zine…size, color, binding, layout, format, printing technique, etc. will be entirely up to you. The copy and sample imagery will be provided, but let this be a reflection of the style of design you have grown accustomed to. This is your chance to break the rules and create page layouts with body copy in a creative way.
You may use any form of creation at your disposal. Ai, Ps, Id, by hand, or a combination.


Monday, 11/13
Format dummy of general layout, full size/folded with NO binding. Layout by hand and NOT digitally.

Wednesday, 11/15

Monday, 11/20
Progress check of layout. First finish critique.

Wednesday, 11/22

Monday, 11/27
Final critique of fully assembled zine. Double check that you have everything required at this point. Watch spelling mistakes. This is your last chance to receive vital feedback before final is due.

Wednesday, 11/29
Completed zines due with all content. Craft will be integral and graded as such. Take your time and put in the effort!



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