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Senior Projects | Project 1

Personal Branding / Resume / Business Card

The goal of this assignment is to clearly and consistently present
yourself, your talents, and a bit of your personality through a visual branding system that can first be applied to your resume and business card, and later be used in the design of your print and web portfolio.

Right now, you’re a student with limited experiences and connections. No one knows who you are (it’s ok, they will once you get your work out there!) — this means your NAME is the most important element to communicate.

Focus on developing a logotype that makes your name (preferably first and last) both easy to pronounce (legibility!) and memorable. You can use visual elements to enhance your brand, but stay away from “decorating”
your products (resume/business card/portfolio). Instead, focus on how your system will aid in organization, hierarchy, and concept!

1. Gather all information needed to be included in your resume.

  • Relevant work history with short description
  • Awards, publications, accolades, conferences, speaking engagements, and GPA/Major/Minor, etc
  • Contact info: Reliable phone number, a professional email address, web address, etc.

2. Self-Branding Brainstorming. Based on your resume, “Who Are You?” and Goals outcomes create a list of 15 characteristics that describe you as (1) a designer (2) a creative (3) an individual. Once you have a list of 15 ideas, attempt to assign a visual to each (you can even sketch it). Examples:
Process-Oriented — Repetition/Pattern
Clean — Negative Space
Energetic — Bright Colors (fav colors — orange and yellow)
Organized — Strict Grid System

These should be conceptual in nature! You may include explanations if you feel they are necessary.

3. Two initial branding concept boards for presentation that include your logotype (your name!) and supplemental elements: paper type, processes, typefaces, color palette, supporting visuals, pattern, texture, illustration, photography, etc.

These are NOT idea boards. All materials you present should
be the final elements you plan to consider. Do not give me examples
of found imagery. Other than the typefaces, you should be the
creator of everything you include!

4. First Finish Resume and Business Card — Two variations of
each utilizing one revised visual direction from the previous week.

Make sure their are NO TYPOS! Typos = resume in the trash can!

I will be grading your first finish. It will be your responsibility to
have your resume and cards updated/finalized and professionally printed for the portfolio reviews/end of term!

2 FINAL COPIES of your resume and business card
are due for collection at the final PennWest portfolio review (you will need to have many copies to hand out to potential employers!) My advice is to get them submitted to vendors sooner than later due to supply chain issues.




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