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Senior Projects | Project 5

Cohort Branding / Naming

We’ve all been in group projects and know the side-effects. With democracy flailing like a toddler that just dropped their ice cream, we are going to try our best to revive the democratic process and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. You are congress, but I am el presidente!

This project is intended for you all to create as one. This will be your lasting legacy at PennWest Edinboro and what your cohort will be remembered by. I will provide minimal instruction and oversight, only when/if things get dicy. After all, it will be a reflection of YOU, not me.

My point here? You will inevitably be thrust into a group project or tasked to work with multiple players on a project. The sucess of that project is dependant on how well you work together as well as how willing you are to put your pride to the side.


Let me provide some context. During my final semester at VCFA, my cohort was tasked to brand our graduating class and create a corresponding website showcasing our individual theses. The name we all agree upon was Tessellate.


  1. decorate or cover (a surface) with a pattern of repeated shapes, especially polygons, that fit together closely without gaps or overlapping. (of shapes, especially polygons) fit together closely without gaps or overlapping.

“hexagons are strong, symmetrical, and tessellate perfectly”

We chose this name because a hexagon is made of triangle, one of the most versatile shapes in geometry. Hexagons have six sides.

There were six of us. It just made sense and sounded cool AF.


This group project’s main purpose will be to brand and “market” your senior show and portfolio review.

  1. Each of you will research 3 different names for your collective cohort. Be prepared to explain why you landed on these with a solid foundation and has the ability to carry a unique visual weight. SIDE NOTE: THERE ARE 21 TOTAL IN YOUR COHORT.
  2. You all will have equal input and work together to agree on one name. Argue, respectfully, for your concept…but do NOT be too proud that you cannot work with the group for a common goal. I will be grading this project more from a personality standpoint.
  3. Once a name is agreed on, each of you will be responsible for 5 thumbnails for each even if it is a wordmark, which is most likely what it will be. This is where you will work independently until we meet and review as a group. Each student will have a minimum of 1 thumbnail and a maximum of 2 thumbnails go forward.
  4. Once we review, we will narrow to 3 final concepts to be put forward. Rewind to all of the classes you’ve taken and tap into what you’ve learned through type, print, web, identity, etc. It all funneled to this point believe it or not. Do not be offended if your design doesn’t go forward. It is NOT personal and you will have your work rejected, regardless of who you are, more often than it is accepted.
  5. Think, design, research, and live completely outside of the box. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? Will this be a highlight of your portfolio or just another boring group project? Will you use traditional methods of design or try something avant garde? GET WEIRD!
  6. Your final branding will be applied to a series of posters and a digital postcard at minimum. If you choose to go beyond that, it will be decided as a group and not rest on the shoulders of one or two people. As el presidente, I reserve the right to step in make executive decisions. I will assign work if need be.
  7. As much as this is a design project, budgeting time will be paramount. You should ALL know how to project time management by now. This is a semester long project and I WILL keep you on track as best as I can. Don’t overcomplicate this process! Work smart, not hard!
  8. Details will be provided as they become solidified.


MERAKI (maybe a short explanation)

Lecture from visiting designer _____________ (TBD) Friday, April 26th from 1–2pm in Doucette 119 (All fine arts welcome)

Review will be — Friday, April 26th from 3–5pm in Bruce Gallery

Reception will be — Friday, April 26th from 5:30–8pm in Bruce Gallery (Refreshments provided)

Group hug! x




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